Fix dry skin with a Whole Home Humidifier

dry-cracked-skin_1024x1024Winter in Montana can be rough on your skin. The cold dry air, the furnace running non-stop… I should buy stock in Jergens! I’ve spent years lathering on the lotion, dealing with chapped lips and dry skin. I have ran the small humidifiers that you have to clean constantly and refill multiple times a day which barely take the edge the off. THERE IS AN EASIER SOLUTION!

A whole home humidifier system installed on your furnace provides humidity through your duct system to the entire house. With the hard water we have in Bozeman, you also want to install a water softener or reverse osmosis system to prevent calcium build up in the humidifier unit. Ideal in-home humidity is 40-50% during the winter months.

Keep your home’s humidity level comfortable with a whole home humidifier system. Stop messing with refilling tanks and slathering on lotion.

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