How does an air source Heat Pump Work?

ashp-1I tend to talk a LOT about heat pumps lately.  Since installing one in our own home last year, we have saved a significant amount of money on our energy bill.  We have propane to run our furnace and two winters ago, the propane bill was outrageous.  At one point, we paid over $3 a gallon for propane compared to the typical summer fill rates of $0.99 or $1.49 per gallon here in the Gallatin Valley. We ended up paying for our heat pump in ONE YEAR thanks to the energy savings. During the fall, it was fantastic because as we all know, there are days where you may want both heat and air conditioning in the same day. It’s pretty awesome to have one unit that take care of both needs, is highly energy efficient and keeps my family warm and cool!

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