Meet the Team

Chad Dammen

Bozeman HVAC

Chad grew up in the small town of Sand Coulee, MT outside of Great Falls and attended Centerville High School where he was very involved in sports. He moved to Bozeman to attend Montana State University studying architecture while continuing to work in the HVAC industry. He has a passion and mind for design as well as a wide range of construction experience. He enjoys traveling, hunting, camping, boating and spending time with his wife and two-year-old daughter, Natasha.

Michelle Dammen

Bozeman HVAC

Michelle grew up in Kalispell on a farm and ranch and came to Bozeman to pursue her BS. And MS. In Agriculture. She spent time working for the Gallatin County Extension service before starting a business to provide business and agronomic consulting services for local farmers. She now operates as the CFO and business manager of Premier Air. She enjoys cooking, traveling, shooting, CrossFit and spending time with her family.

Jordan Shrader

Bozeman HVAC

Jordan grew up in Colorado but fell in love with Montana and has settled into Bozeman with his wife and their three kids. He enjoys doing anything outdoors and says his favorite fishing spot is near Ennis, Montana. He is a huge Colorado Avalanche fan and enjoys playing hockey and hunting in his free time.

Chad Barrett

Bozeman HVAC

Chad was raised on his family farm in Fairfield, Montana before moving to Bozeman. He enjoys hunting, fishing and playing sports. His favorite teams are the Seattle Mariners and the Seattle Sea Hawks. He has a  Chesapeake named Todd. He joined the Premier Air team in 2015 but you can still find him headed back to F airfield to help out with branding and preg checking on the weekends.

Richard Gale

Bozeman HVAC

Richard grew up in Chicago before moving to the Bozeman area after high school to spend some time with family. He is a jack of all trades ranging from art and pottery making to painting to managing a restaurant kitchen.  He came to Premier Air in 2017 and has become a valuable team member.  He and his wife Melissa are foodies and gives great advice about local restaurants.

Eli Hogan

Bozeman HVAC

Eli grew up in Minnesota receiving an Associates Degree in Diesel and Industrial Technology from Universal Technical Institute. He spent 5 years in the transportation refrigeration industry before moving to Bozeman and starting with Premier Air. He has quickly become a valuable asset to the Premier Air team from residential and service to commercial projects. He is an avid bird hunter and enjoys as much time in the great outdoors as possible.

Brittney Hirsch

Bozeman HVAC

Brittney grew up in southwest Colorado where she obtained her Bachelor’s in Business Administration Finance. She has spent time around her parent’s HVAC business and worked in banking and healthcare prior to joining the Premier Team. She and her husband moved to Bozeman in the fall of 2017 with their black lab puppy and have fallen in love with everything Montana. Together they enjoy hunting, cooking, camping, traveling, fitness and all things archery.

David Olivas

Bozeman HVAC

Davey came to the Premier team in 2017 after 6 years of HVAC experience in both the Bozeman and Seattle markets.  He is a valuable member of the Premier Air team and an active member of the Gallatin Valley community. He enjoys spending time with his kids and coaches soccer.

Mike Marstaeller

Bozeman HVAC

Mike came to the Premier team in 2017 after several years in the family construction business in Billings.  He has caught on quickly to the HVAC trade and had become a great asset to the Premier Air team. He enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his family.

Joshua Tomaschko

Bozeman HVAC

Josh graduated with a degree in Environmental Design form MSU in 2016 and came to the Premier team in 2017 after working for another HVAC company in the area for a couple months.  He enjoyed the trade but was looking for a different sort of employment with room for growth and constructive feedback. He is another jack of all trades spending time in the real estate industry, wild land fire fighting and production assembly. He lives in Belgrade with his wife Sarah and their four legged critters.

Chris Grayson

Chris came to the Premier team in 2017 after spending some time in the furniture moving business.  He was ready for a more career focused job and will be starting in the Premier Air apprentice program.  He lives in Four Corners with his wife and is an Eagle Scout.

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