How A Whole Home Humidifier Benefits Your Skin

Oh, winter in Montana! I grew up in a 150 year old farmhouse near Kalispell, Montana heated by a wood stove. I have not-so-fond memories of the chore of splitting wood before going out on dates when I was in high school...but that’s a story for another time. 😉

One of the biggest winter issues we face in our Montana homes is extremely low humidity. I suffered from what I deemed eczema for most of my childhood and adult life, spent years slathering on bottle after bottle of every different style and type of lotion known to man, and running small humidifiers in every room that constantly needed to be refilled - but to no avail. That is, until getting introduced to the wonderful invention known as A Whole Home Humidifier! Within 48 hours of installing a whole home humidifier in our home, my skin issues began to resolve. My 3 year old has also been troubled by skin issues since birth, and they started clearing up within days.

A whole home humidifier is plugged into your HVAC system and plumbed into your home's plumbing - so no more filling those pesky humidifiers. It creates steam that gets delivered through your duct work into your entire home keeping it at the desired humidity level. During the winter, 45-35% is the preferred humidity setting. With the hard water common to our area, we only recommend steam humidifiers, as the other cheap by-pass option typically becomes clogged and is inoperable within a couple of months.

Installation of the system typically takes a few hours and requires a licensed electrician to run a dedicated breaker for the humidifier. When you work with Premier Air, we take care of coordinating electricians and plumbers, so you have less hassle getting the system installed. Be sure to ask your contractor if they are doing their own electrical as most HVAC contractors do not have a master electrician on staff, which means they are not insured to do electrical work and any mishaps could void insurance claims. The average cost to get a whole home humidifier up and running is $2500-$3500 - depending on the location and complexity of the system. We are happy to schedule a time to come out for a free estimate, so you have a hard cost nailed down prior to installation.

This summer, we ended up moving to a new/old home and I lost my humidifier. Almost immediately, my skin issues returned along with the issues my daughter was having, and which my 5 month old is now exhibiting. Some of our clients love their humidifiers for keeping their hardwood floors from shrinking, and for protecting valuable musical instruments in their homes.

With winter upon us, I know it is only going to get worse, so I guess it’s time to get myself on the schedule to have my humidifier installed! If you are sick of skin issues plaguing you or your family and tired of refilling the portable plug-in humidifiers day in and day out to no avail, give us a call for a free estimate to get you and your family breathing easier and scratching less!