Why Spring Is the Best Time for AC Maintenance

The Importance of Annual Air Conditioner Maintenance

As the weather warms up, you start relying on your AC system more and more. By the time summer rolls around, you are likely using your air conditioner every single day. If your AC is not well-maintained, it may not be able to handle this increased demand. You may start to notice more repair problems cropping up, and your AC may need to run longer and more often to maintain the temperature you set. All of this can be avoided by scheduling routine AC maintenance. Over half of all repair issues we see could have been avoided with proper, annual maintenance.

The Benefits of Scheduling Your AC Maintenance in the Spring

To keep your system running smoothly, it should be serviced every year. But when is the best time to service your system? When it comes to your cooling system, spring is the ideal time to schedule your annual maintenance visit. Scheduling maintenance early in the year not only saves you time and money but also saves you from having to deal with a broken AC during a heatwave.

Keep reading to learn more about why you should schedule AC maintenance today.

Get Your System Ready for Summer

When summer hits, you want your AC to work. However, after sitting unused all winter long, your system may be suffering from excess dust and dirt buildup, low refrigerant, and other problems. By scheduling your annual maintenance in April or May, you have the chance to get your system cleaned and prepped for the coming months. You also have time to schedule and make any repairs before the temperature spikes. By making AC maintenance part of your spring-cleaning routine, you can rest assured that your system will work when you need it to.

Avoid Scheduling Delays

The busiest time for AC repair and maintenance technicians is summer. As soon as the first heatwave hits, people discover that their systems don’t work. Consequently, there is a significant increase in repair calls. This can make scheduling your own maintenance visit more difficult. Furthermore, if you are dealing with a problem, you may end up waiting days or even weeks before a repair technician can get to you. By scheduling your routine maintenance in the spring, you can take advantage of the reduced demand for AC repairs and can have all your needs taken care of well before summer takes off.

Improve Air Quality & Reduce Allergies

As spring blooms, so too do springtime allergies. If you suffer from seasonal allergies or asthma, you know how difficult it is to escape the pollen and other allergens in the air. Did you know that scheduling AC maintenance can help you combat allergy symptoms? During your maintenance visit, our technicians thoroughly clean your system, replace air filters, and ensure that your system operates efficiently. This can dramatically improve your home’s indoor air quality and significantly reduces the amount of dust and allergens circulating through your home.

Extend the Life of Your System & Reduce Energy Bills

One of the best reasons to schedule AC maintenance this spring is that it saves you money. Not only does a well-maintained AC last longer, saving you money on repair costs, but it is also more energy-efficient. An efficient system requires less power to operate and does not need to run as often to keep your home cool. This is significant as your AC uses more energy than any other system in your home. The less you use it and the less power it needs, the less you pay each month to the utility company.

Schedule Professional Maintenance Today

When was the last time your AC system was inspected by a professional? If it has been over a year, you should call Premier Air Heating & Cooling to schedule an appointment today. Our air conditioning maintenance experts can service any make or model of AC, and we can help you ensure that your home stays comfortable all summer long.

We make AC maintenance easy through membership in our Premier Club. With your membership, you enjoy annual comprehensive maintenance and a 10% discount on all repairs. With consistent monitoring and maintenance of your system, we can help you stay ahead of the game.

Spring is here, and summer is on the way! Get your AC estimate today!