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At Premier Air Heating & Cooling, we are dedicated to keeping homeowners warm, comfortable, and safe. As part of our full range of heating services, we offer fireplace repair and installation in Bozeman, Belgrade, and the surrounding areas in Gallatin Valley. Whether your current fireplace is causing you problems, or you would like to install a new one, our heating professionals can get the job done right.

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Restoring Warmth & Enjoyment to Your Home

Fireplaces offer an excellent way for homeowners to heat their homes, all while providing an extra cozy environment. However, just like any other heating system, fireplaces can develop problems.

When your fireplace is failing to provide the warmth and enjoyment that it used to, Premier Air Heating & Cooling is here to make things right. We resolve all types of fireplace issues so that you can get back to being comfy and warm.

Common signs that indicate you require fireplace repairs include:

  • Your home fills with smoke when you use the fireplace
  • You see cracks in the masonry of your fireplace
  • You can smell gas when you turn on your gas-fueled fireplace
  • You notice white stains on the brickwork of your fireplace
  • You locate elements of rust in your fireplace
  • Your flue lining is deteriorating, and tiles are collecting in the fireplace
  • Your wallpaper around the fireplace is damaged

If you notice any of these warning signs, do not delay in seeking professional assistance. The sooner you make repairs, the better chance you have of preventing further problems and saving your fireplace.

For high-quality fireplace repair & installation services in the Bozeman, MT area, contact us at (406) 333-0177!

Common Fireplace Issues

The last thing homeowners want to happen is winter to roll around and have their fireplace not work properly. Luckily many common fireplace problems can be easily identified and solved. Some of the most common of these fireplace issues are:

  • Creosote Buildup - Creosote is a byproduct of smoke that has a dark black tar like appearance. The primary issue with Creosote is that it is highly flammable and is a massive fire hazard. The best solution to this problem is to schedule a chimney cleaning.
  • Critters - Birds and other animals like to make chimneys their homes. If you hear noises like chirping, scratching, or something similar coming from your chimney there is a good chance an animal has made a nest in your chimney. Nests can block the flow of smoke from leaving your chimney which in the most extreme instances can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Dampers - Dampers are adjustable steel flaps that can keep heat in your home while the fireplace is not in use. It's important the damper is left open when the fireplace is in use. If the damper is left closed, the smoke has nowhere to go except back into your home.
  • Poor-Quality Firewood - There is a good chance when a fire is lit in a fireplace, but it doesn't seem to be burning properly the problem is not the fireplace, but the firewood. Fresh wood can still have lots of moisture locked inside, preventing combustion. Make sure to only burn seasoned firewood.

Professional Fireplace Installation

Do you like the thought of curling up by a crackling fire on a cold winter day? It’s time to install a new fireplace in your home. However, finding the right fireplace for your home can be difficult. When you turn to Premier Air Heating & Cooling, we can help you select the fireplace that is perfect for your family.

Once you have found the best system, our experienced and knowledgeable technicians will work diligently to install it in the most efficient and effective manner. After we leave your home, you’ll experience worry-free enjoyment of your new fireplace.

Contact us online or call (406) 333-0177 today to schedule an estimate with our Bozeman fireplace repair and installation experts.

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