With our commitment to improving energy efficiency, we choose to install no less than a 95% efficient furnace in all new construction projects. Armstrong offers several models with the energy star efficiency designation to keep your heating costs down during cold Montana winters.


97% Efficient Full-Modulating Furnace

This is the PREMIER furnace offered by Armstrong Air, the company we choose to use for our customers. This furnace provides superior comfort over single stage or two stage furnaces, giving you reduced temperature swings throughout your home along with being 97% efficient – the highest efficiency you can currently get in a furnace. It comes with a variable speed fan motor which can change the start-up airflow. Changing the airflow during start-up can adjust humidity levels and create more even temperatures throughout your home. The 97 Modulating Furnace also was rated Energy Star® Most Efficient for 2013.


96% Efficient Two-Stage Furnace

96% of your fuel is converted into usable heat. Rather than “all on” or “all off” this two-stage furnace can adjust its heat output based on the conditions inside your home so you use less energy to maintain comfort.


95% Efficient Constant-Torque Furnace

This Furnace provides lower operating costs and increases overall system efficiency over an existing or older furnace. Compared to standard furnaces, constant torque delivers more consistent airflow and quieter operation.


95% Efficient Furnace

This furnace is a single stage unit that has a 95% rating in efficiency. It is made with a stainless-steel heat exchanger. This can save you hundreds per year in energy costs versus an older furnace.

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